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Accept On-Site Diagnose, Repair annd Maintenance of Different Brands of Water Dispenser also water vendo, automatic tubig machine, etc..

no power, not heating, not cooling, leaking, need cleanig, etc..

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Repair of water despenser 1 year ago by Maria Luisa Lantin

We responded to this ADS and this so called ROHNALD, water despenser repairman came over to "FIX" the leak of our despenser and charged us 600.00php way above the price at the AD. The following day we operated the despenser as per his instruction but the despenser still leaks but his fee was fully paid. We called him for a BACK JOB but he has so many ALIBI ,until he doesn't answer our call and he didn't came for the BACK JOB. so costumers, beware of the modus operandi of this person. Advertisers please check the background of the persons you are endorsing to the public.

It is settled 1 year ago by Rohnald (Listing Owner)

This issue is already settled their dispenser is rusted the water tank is already rusted, repair cost is higher

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