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P 24.00

Fast DVD CD Burning Services Multiple Burning Services

Let us do the Job FAST!!!!

Fast DVD CD Burning Services Multiple Burning Services Duplication

We burn CD DVD faster, multiple burning at one time.

Client Provides the CD / DVD: Burn Services only

(100 pcs min)

CD Burn Only
DVD Burn Only
Blue Ray Burn Only

We provide CD DVD

Cd + Burn
DVD + Burn

Cd (Printable) + Print + Burn
DVD (Printable) + Print + Burn

Paper Envelop White

Paper Envelop Colored

Jewel Case Slim
Jewel Case Thick

Our Edge?
We can supply in bulk orders: We don't buy materials in CR-King
We can provide 100 to 1,000 plus immediately.

CD burn only DVD burn only no package client brings CD DVD

CD burn only DVD burn only no package client brings CD DVD (100 pcs min)

Client Brings CD DVD:

CD Burn
DVD - Burn

You Save time, Energy, Electricity and efforts.
No Sleepless Night. No Deadline Beating.

We Provide CD DVD

Burn + CD
Burn + DVD

CD - 5 Each ( Burn Process no Disc )

DVD - 10 Each ( Burn Process no Disc )
Dual Layer - 15 Each ( Burn Process no Disc )

Our clients enjoy the benefits of having CD and DVD replication, duplication and packaging services in-house.

Duplication is an in-house process handled by our CD and DVD duplication technicians right here in Metro Manila.

CD and DVD Duplication and Replication services we provide:
CD Duplication (Less than 500 CDs or Quick Turnaround)

Direct CD Printing Duplication Replication

Direct CD Printing Duplication Replication services provider in

Makati, Pasig, Alabang,Ortigas, Manila, Quezon City,Mandaluyong.

- Multiple Burning Services: Minimum - 100 pcs
Client Provides CD / DVD

- CD Burning - 5php
- DVD Burning - 10php
- Dual Layer Burning - 15php

Can Provide 10,000 CD / DVD supply that CD-R king Cannot

Apart from that, we provide add on services for Full-Color CD/DVD Inlay Printing for the Slim Jewel Case, DVD Size Case and Front Cover Art Printing. We can also custom make your preferred packaging for CD/DVD Duplication/Replication services.

CD Album Packaging Music Album Printing Slim Case Thick Case

CD Album Packaging Music Album Printing Slim Case Thick Case

Jewel Case Package:

Thin Jewel Case with Glossy Label (Front Inserts)

Thick Jewel Case with Glossy Label (Front & Back Inserts)

We also service printing Only: (Short Run - Large Quantity )
Album Inserts glossy magazine type.

CD / DVD Replication
Direct Cd Print
Short-run CD / DVD Duplication
CD / DVD Packaging options
On-disc Printing
Blank CDs
Blank DVDs

What makes us better than the rest? Personal attention, professional service, and years of experience. Plus we guarantee quality and quick delivery! Discover what our customers already know: We're the best in price, quality and customer service!

Bulk CD DVD Burning Multiple Burning No Packaging

Minimum 100 pcs

Bulk Burning - CD - 5 php

Bulk Burning - DVD - 10

CD + Burning + Printing - 22 php

DVD + Burning + Printing - 24 php

DVD + Burning + Printing + Slim Case - 35 php

Bulk Discs
Get high-quality, professional-grade discs in bulk, with or without packaging.

Our prices include full-color on-disc printing. we also offer a variety of optional cost-effective disc packaging formats for bulk discs, as well as custom printed blank discs in bulk, using only the highest quality blank media.

CD DVD Label Printing CD Cover Printing Glossy Cd Inserts

Min. 100 pcs
Quality Glossy Printing
Glossy CD Album Inserts
Available Jewel Case Thick or Slim

Thick Case - Front Label
Thick Case - Front & Back Inserts

CD case inserts can be used as a way to brand your business or band. Full-color CD case inserts create interest and excitement about what you are promoting. They help increase and improve your visibility and reputation in a crowded marketplace.



Payment Mode:

= 50 & down 50% upon pick up.

= Bank Deposit or CASH

* BDO BankAccount
* PSBank Account
* BPI Bank Account


Contact Us:
Globe: 09052929473
* No Piracy Only Original

CD and DVD Duplication Replication

CD DVD Direct Print
CD DVD Printing and Packaging
Jewel Thin Slim case
Paper Envelop

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