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A.D. RAMOS Engineering Services

Our Services:

Supply, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning of the following:

▪️LPG Gas Line
▪️LPG Gas Farm Facility
▪️LPG Gas Detection System
▪️LPG Tank Requalification
▪️Kitchen Fire Suppression System
▪️Gasoline Station Mechanical Works
▪️LPG Tank DOLE PTO Application

Also, we supply fire protection items:

✅ Fire Extinguishers (Dry Chem / Wet Chem / AFFF / HCFC)
✅ Fire Blanket
✅ LEHAVOT Kitchen Fire Suppression System
✅ LPG Gas Detection System
✅ Smoke Detectors
✅ Emergency Lights

We supply and install NATIONWIDE‼️

For inqueries, please message details below:

Email address:
Contact no.: 0995-196-2549

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