Looking for quality yet cheap photoluminescent signs in the Philippines? Look no further! SafetySignsPH offers customized glow in the dark signages available in various sizes, materials, and designs at cost-effective prices.

Our bespoke photoluminescent signs can be made from sintraboard, acrylic, aluminum sheet and composite, or galvanized sheet metal. They are applicable for indicating egress, escape routes, doorways, stairwell treads, corridors, valves, and emergency exits. The luminosity from these self-illuminating signages are bright enough to guide people even during total darkness or blackout. For companies looking for an environmentally friendly way to provide safety, our custom photoluminescent signs are the way to go. They do not require power or electricity from any source. They also do not need maintenance over the years.

Types of Photoluminescent Signs That We Manufacture:
• Evacuation Maps and Plans • Emergency Exit Signs • Directional Arrow Signs • Fire Extinguisher Signs • Escape Routes • Fire Safety Signs • First Aid Signages • Directional and Way-finding signs • Glow in the Dark Fire Exit Signs • And many others!

As a professional safety signs supplier and maker in the Philippines, you can trust our expertise in the design, fabrication, and installation of photoluminescent signages. All of our luminous signs are suitable for many applications such as building, construction, protection, and occupancy and they can heavily reduce the effects of fire and related hazards during an emergency evacuation.


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