Price starts at
P 30,000.00

POS & Inventory Management System POS System Features: Point-of-Sale System (POS) (cash, credit card, vat, non-vat, membership, wholesale, retail, etc.) Stock Movement (PO, SI, Transfer In/Out, etc.) Reports with Graphs (Daily, Monthly, Yearly, etc.) Simple clean interface, user-friendly You can choose from 3 options: 1 – Software only (use your own PC/Laptop) – P4,990 2 – Full package (branded) – P30,990 AMD Dual Core LED Monitor 15.6″ Handheld Barcode Scanner Thermal Printer 58mm Cash Drawer PIMS Software 3 – Full package (refurbished) – P23,990 One-time payment only. The software is user friendly, training is via TeamViewer online. Request for free 60 days trial now! How can it help your business? - Makes sales transaction fast and accurate - Monitor stock movement in real time - Determine bestselling & slow moving items - View or export sales & inventory reports daily, monthly, and yearly - View sales performance & comparatives - Tracks sales orders and dues from suppliers - Maintain control & improve efficiency - Manage special price, discounts & promos - Eliminate tedious manual paper works Design for Groceries, Supermarket, Hardware Store, Drugstore, School/Office Supply, Electronic Gadget, Department Store, Agrivet Supplies, Convenience or Grocery Stores, Diagnostic Laboratories, Mobile Phone and Computer Shops, School and Office Supplies, Sporting Goods, Hardware and Electrical Supplies, Appliance Centers, Motor and Bicycle Parts Shops, Auto Parts and Car Accessories, Book Stores, Salon or Barber Shops, Souvenir Shops, Restaurants, Food Business, Service Business, Spa, Massage, Other Retail Business with 100 items or more! Contact us Smart +63-9390023442 Sun +63-9238383707 Globe +63-9173338193 Viber/WhatsApp +63-9390023442 Email us: Manila Tel: +63-2-7816232

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