Price starts at
P 1,000.00

We offer other services including:

Glass Window Cleaning (Exterior & Interior)
Glass Curtain Wall Cleaning
High Rise Window Cleaning / High Rise Façade Cleaning
Aluminum Composite Panel Cleaning / Cladding Cleaning
Silo Cleaning
Rack Cleaning
Warehouse Cleaning
Stain Removal or Rainmarks Removal
Removal of Glass Protective Film / ACP Protective Film Removal
Glass Window Tinting
Building Glass Sealant Services / Building Re-sealing Services
Building Waterproofing And Painting service

Other services requiring skill to work in high areas or Other hard to reach areas of the building

Our team are skilled in applying their know-how to access tight areas to provide cleaning of the building’s facades and environment.
This also includes knowing the right cleaning materials to clean the building’s glass, concrete, tiles and aluminum cladding.

We take in delivering the best façade cleaning services while adhering to our client’s schedules and safety measures .

Our services are widely use in Office Buildings and Towers, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Hotels, Condominiums, Hospitals, Corporate Centres, Shopping Centres, Airports, Concert Arenas and other establishments.

Contact us now for a well-kept building façade.

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