Price starts at
P 1,000.00

1/8 bucket capacity

Rate: P1000 per hour. Inclusive of diesel and operator.

Mob/demob fee: depends on location

Please CALL Landline: 87108167

CALL or text (SMART): 09285018213
                   (GLOBE): 09564935520


If no one is answering, you might be an incoming call. Please leave a text message and we will call you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. :)
OTHER TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE FOR RENT: Electric jackhammer, Electric Rotary Drill, Electric Arc Welding Machine, Electric Tig Welding Machine, Electric Air Compressor, Electric Circular Saw, Electric Jackhammer, Gas Engine Concrete Cutter, Gas Engine Plate Compactor, Gas Engine Submersible Pump, Gas Engine Concrete Vibrator, Electric Hand Drill, PPR Fusion Machine, Manual Pipe Threader, Electric Angle Grinder(4 inches and 7 inches), Electric Router, Electric Cut-off Machine, Electric Finishing or Sheet Sander, Electric Belt Sander, Electric Jigsaw, Electric Pressure Washer, Scaffolding(H-Frame).

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