Price starts at
P 500.00


Rental Rate: 500 pesos/day

Voltage: 220 volts
Double insulation, variable speed, carrying case
Jig saw blade, hex wrench
2X reciprocating saw blades
Continuous power rating - 1010W
Length of stroke - 28mm
Strokes per minute - 0-2800
Capacity - Pipe: 130mm
- Wood: 255mm
Vibration level - Cutting boards: 19.5m/s²
Vibration K factor - Cutting boards: 1.5m/s²
Vibration level - Cutting wooden beams: 22.0m/s²
Vibration K factor - Cutting wooden beams: 2.0m/s²
Sound pressure level - 87 dB(A)
Sound power level - 98 dB(A)
Noise K factor - 3dB(A)
Dimensions - 457x98x170mm
Net weight - 3.2kg
Power supply cord - 2.0m


Please CALL Landline: 87108167
CALL or text (SMART): 09285018213

*** free delivery if near our office.

If no one is answering, you might be an incoming call. Please leave a text message and we will call you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

OTHER TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE FOR RENT: Electric Rotary Drill, Electric Arc Welding Machine, Electric Tig Welding Machine, Electric Air Compressor, Electric Circular Saw, Electric Tamping Rammer, Gas Engine Concrete Cutter, Gas Engine Plate Compactor, Gas Engine Submersible Pump, Gas Engine Concrete Vibrator, Electric Hand Drill, PPR Fusion Machine, Manual Pipe Threader, Electric Angle Grinder(4 inches and 7 inches), Electric Router, Electric Cut-off Machine, Electric Finishing or Sheet Sander, Electric Belt Sander, Electric Jigsaw, Electric Pressure Washer, Scaffolding(H-Frame).

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