Reedley International School was founded in 1999. The name was bestowed as a tribute to Reedley College, California, USA, a small community where its Founding Directress studied and excelled along with the help of nurturing teachers and mentors.

After his success in the Gold Rush in the 1800s, Thomas Law Reed donated the land to the community and the town became known for its excellent nurturing of fruit harvests. This value of nurturing was evident among teachers and administrators in Reedley College and is seen today in Reedley International School.

Starting life as a review center to give personalized teaching to students aiming to enter the country’s top universities, Reedley opened its doors by offering High School levels in 2000, with 80 students.

In 2001, Reedley offered the Lower and Middle School levels, and moved to a bigger facility in Pasig City with 250 students.

In 2006, Reedley moved to its current location in Libis, Quezon City, inspiring and nurturing over 500 students from 19 different nationalities.

In 2016, Reedley will be once again moving to a bigger and better site in Pasig City and to serve its growing student population.

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