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Be a Safety Officer 3
SO3 Training and Safety Officer 3 Training
LCM Training and ToT Training for your additional forty-eight (48) hours of advance or specialized occupational safety training course relevant to the industry

With the new law and its Irr, there is now leveling of safety officers in the workplace. So1 or Safety Officer 1. So2 or Safety Officer 2. So3 or Safety Officer 3. Complete the required Osh training to become an So3. First you must have completed Bosh or Cosh. Last is to complete the 48 hours prescribed training, in this case, complete your Lcm training and Tot, this meets the So3 prescribed Osh training.

Republic Act No. 11058 and its Implementing Rues and Regulations, Department Order No. 198 series 2018, section 14 (d)

Safety Officer 3 Prescribed Training on OSH are the following

1. Mandatory 40 hours basic Osh training applicable to the industry.

This means that if you are in construction industry, you, the Safety Officer 3 must have completed Cosh or the Construction Occupational Safety and Health Training

If you are in a non-construction industry such as manufacturing, trucking, healthcare, hospital, academe (and those mentioned in Do198), the Safety Officer must have completed Bosh or the Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training

We have Bosh and Cosh training in Quezon City, Caloocan City, San Fernando Pampanga, Tarlac City
Bosh Cubao Qc Cosh Cubao Qc
Bosh Caloocan Cosh Caloocan
Bosh Pampanga Cosh Pampanga
Bosh Tarlac Cosh Tarlac

2. Additional forty-eight (48) hours of advance or specialized occupational safety training course relevant to the industry

This means that aside from Bosh or Cosh, the safety officer 3 must complete additional 48 hours.

In order to comply and meet this requirement, the safety officer must attend the advance course in Osh which is Lcm or the Loss Control Management training. Lcm is a 40 hours training and therefore still short of the 48 hours as required. Here are the Lcm trainings we offer. 

Lcm Cubao Quezon City
Lcm Caloocan City
Lcm San Fernando, Pampanga
Lcm Tarlac City

It is suggested that the So3 complete the Tot or Training of Trainer. ToT is a Dole Prescribed Osh Training. It is a 3 day seminar workshop intended for all interested and that includes the safety officers.

Tot Quezon City
Tot Caloocan
Tot San Fernando, Pampanga
Tot Tarlac City

Grab the opportunity now. Complete your Lcm and Tot, to get the 48 hours requirement for So3 complied. Avoid the penalty of not complying with the law. Register Today. Limited slot is offered per schedule.

Thank you
Ronald Pornobi
Training Manager

Dole Accredited Osh Practitioner (since 2006)
Dole Accreditation No. 1033-181210-C-524

Globe 09173126720 Smart 09189464623

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