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A peephole, peekhole, spyhole, doorhole or door viewer, is a small opening through a door allowing an individual to look from the inside to the outside.

In a door, usually for apartments or hotel rooms, a peephole allows the person behind the door the security of seeing outside without opening the door. Glass peepholes are often fitted with a fisheye lens to allow a wider field of view from the inside and little to no visibility from the outside.

It is an exhibition of pictures, objects or people viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass. Though historically a peep show was a form of entertainment provided by wandering showmen, nowadays it more commonly refers to a presentation of a sex show or pornographic film which is viewed through a viewing slot. Historically the peep hole was intended to control the point of view to allow an illusion of depth perception, while showmen would later use it to charge for access to the view. For sex shows it also became a means to view material that would be objected to if freely displayed.

I've been wanting to get one of these digital peepholes for the longest time, as I'm so tired of guessing who's at the door. However, given so many brands out there and not many reviews on most of them, I was confused on which to get. Then I saw some good YouTube videos on the brinno brand one, and it looks easy to install, so I thought I'd give this a try.

Installation is indeed so easy, took like maybe five minutes including taking the old peephole out. My front porch has an overhang, so I don't get the silhouette effect that some reviewers mentioned. There are actually two modes, one showing a wider angle and one closer up.

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  • Posted Nov 24, 2018
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