Are you employed? Do you have a source of income? If none, would you be interested to earn while working in the comfort of your home.

If you are employed or if you have a job, or a source of income, would you like to earn additional income or extra income because you need it to meet your needs and financial requirements as a person or as a father, mother, or worker?

We are looking for individuals like you, who may be interested to be one of our freelance internet marketers o online marketers. This is a home-based work. You do not need to report to our office, though you may visit us personally so you can verify that we are a legitimate company, and not a scam.

Here are the basic requirements

1. You must have internet access at home, either laptop, desktop, ipad or cellphone.
2. Male or Female. Open to all. No gender discrimination
3. You must have a Facebook account or other social media accounts. Your social media accounts in Fb must be verifiable or authentic, not hidden identity, meaning legally, your account exist and you own that verifiable Fb account.
4. No age limit
5. You have extra time or time to use for this home based freelance work

We offer this opportunity to all Filipinos, residing in the Philippines, and even our OFW kababayans abroad.

This is Not Networking. You do not pay or buy anything from us.
You will not sell goods such as soap, vitamins, etc. No goods to sell.

We are a seminar training center o seminar training provider. Our business is facilitating various seminars or training. Please click this so you can have an idea. You will market these seminars o training as a work from home freelance marketer.

You must familiarize yourself with these seminars o training that we offer. Please browse and read our existing ads for you to have an idea about these products (seminars or training).

We will pay you a Referrer fee as your income as our freelance marketer. This referrer fee is on a per head basis. The income you can get is based on the result of your effort in marketing or advertising the seminar training online, in Facebook and other free online advertising thru the internet. Imagine, if have 10 persons referred, who attended and paid, you get 5,000 because the rate of the referrer fee is P500 per head.

Referrer Fee is P500 per head, tax free

Note that the person or persons you refer must attend and pay their registration fee during their scheduled seminar training.

We will provide an exclusive online registration form to you via Google so that you and we can track the details of individuals you refer. Also, we advise you to keep record of your referred clients so you can verify with them if they attended or not. There are many cases that individuals inquire but a No Show on their scheduled seminar training. This is why we encourage clients to pay a mean reservation fee, so that they are more or less committed to attend.

Your referrer fee will be paid to you by bank or you may visit us personally to get it from our office in Quezon City. You may want it paid outright after your client graduated or you may request it paid every 15th or 30th of the month, or weekly, it depends on your preference.

If interested to be part of our freelance home-based freelance marketer, please send a bio-data or resume to our email

If not interested, but you know of somebody who needs this home-based work for extra or sole income, help that person, please share this ads.

When we receive your email, we will call you by mobile (in the Philippines), or by Viber if you reside outside the Philippines.

Thank you
Ronald Pornobi
General Manager
Globe/Viber 09173126720

Posted Apr 13, 2020    Updated    Posted in Human Resources and Employment Services

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