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Hi, I’m Guro Clef dubbed as the Psychic Master of the Philippines. I’ve been helping people for decades already and I will continue doing it as long as I can. Being a Psychic runs in our family and as early as five years old I could see auras, spirits and ghosts already. I knew since then that I will have a purpose in life and that would be huge for sure. Before my grandma died she told me that my destiny is to help other people and before she left our world she handed me her tarot cards and good spells, it feels so good I can hear the whispers of each card as if they are my friends they are telling me the past, present and future of someone that I asked to be read. The spells that she gave me helped me saved lives and even myself from bad spirits and curses. Aside from those stuff everytime I see the palm of a person I could always see his/her faith in life and I can even see his/her third eye if its open or not. I also trained myself in Psychic Feng Shui and even went abroad for training because I knew that many people wants to have their house and place lucky and full of good vibes as well. To be a Psychic is an amazing thing but really dangerous you have to ensure that you use it for good intentions all the time. I would like to help you I know you need my help just send me a message.

Posted Dec 16, 2018    Updated Dec 16, 2018    Posted in Party & Events Services

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