Effective Advertising


Appropriate title

Site visitors will click your listing if the title is unique and interesting. Put yourself on the customer’s shoes. Use words on your ad title that you think a customer, looking for the same service, might type on our search bar.


Eye-catching pictures

Since site give importance to pictures, visitors will likely look first at the thumbnails before the title. Posting actual pictures gives visitors a quick view of your services. Do not use photos with mainly textual contents because the visitor's eyes will likely avaoid them thus will not click your listing.


Relevant category

Many visitors browse services by category. Related service postings for each service are also determined by category.


The first few words

The first few words of your description matters will matter especially to search engines. Make sure to state your service offer in the first 140 characters.

GOOD: "We specialize in balloon decoration or arrangement for all types of events and functions at an affordable price in the Metro"

BAD: "Hello everyone. We are the Just a Business Name Balloon Company and we would like to present our services and hope you consider."


Keep to the point in your description

Provide as much as detailed information as possible. Be specific. Provide the necessary information in your description based on relevance. Keep your listing short and interesting with all the relevant details. Most people won’t bother reading the entire listing. They usually look for keywords because they already know what they’re looking for. Remember the "Inverted Triangle" -- relevant information first.


Include the cost

Provide the cost of your service -- just the minimum price or simply leave it blank. Providing unrealistic price is a turn off to your potential customers and will likely hurt your credibility. If needed, explain your pricing in the description.


Sufficient Contact Details

Provide sufficient modes of contact for buyers to approach you. Providing your web address will facilitate your being contacted in regards to your services or products.


Remember to include: service specifications, payment and delivery options, service terms and conditions, store address if any, and any other relevant information. In addition to those, remember to add a location and closest categories.